Edward Ly

David Ly

17 hrs · Edited ·

 Montreal, 9 septembre 2015 – Edward Ly reçoit une bourse d’excellence – Alcoa par l’entremise de la FAEQ – Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec. Félicitations …

Montreal, September 9th 2015 – Edward Ly received a scholarship from FAEQ – Athletic Excellence Foundation of Quebec. Congratulations …

Tung Thai Congratulations Edward Ly, David and his other half Emily must be proud parents! Thank you Canada and Montreal, Quebec, we are proud to be Vietnamese Canadian 😀

Félicitations Edward Ly, David et son épouse Emily doivent être des fiers parents! Merci Canada et Montréal, Québec, Merci Canada et Montréal (Québec), nous sommes fiers d’être Canadien Vietnamien 😀

Queen – We Are the Champions – How to Play On Guitar – Guitar Lessons

Tone: F 

              Cm  Gm7/C
  I ve paid my dues
                Cm  Gm7/C
  And time after time
              Cm     Gm7/C
  I ve done my sentence
                 Cm  Gm7/C
  But commited no crime
            Eb  Ab
  And bad mistakes
             Eb  Ab
  I ve made a few
             Eb            Bb/D        Cm
  I ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
     F7          Bb   C
  But I ve come through
 F          Am            Dm  Bb C
  We are the champions, my friend
     F           Am                 Bb  D/F#
  And we ll keep on fighting till the end
 Gm                   Bbm           Bbo
  We are the champions, we are the champions
 F           Eb/G          Ab6         Bb7     Cm7
  No time for loosers  cause we are the champions
      ( Fm7  Gm7/C )
  Of the world
               Cm  Gm7/C
  I ve taken my bows
                Cm  Gm7/C
  And my curtain calls
  You brought me fame and fortune 
  And everything that goes with it
             Cm  Gm7/C
  I thank you all
                         Eb  Ab
  But it s been no bed of roses
             Eb  Ab
  No pleasure cruise
  I consider it a challenge 
                  Bb/D  Cm
  Before the whole human race
     F7            Bb   C
  And I ain t gonna lose

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