Simple facts of woman’s every day life, and they are insolite for a man to be fully understood what does she want from a miracle?

Every girl dreams about some things in her life. She aspires and waits for a few special moments her entire life. She might not really get the perfect moments, but they sure do mean a lot to her.


 Is this a mosque or a palace?

The Swiss federal office says Blatter was interrogated after chairing a meeting of FIFA’s executive committee on Friday.


ZURICH – FIFA President Sepp Blatter has been interrogated by Swiss federal police over alleged financial corruption.
 Rebecca Latham
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Grassy Seat – Gray Squirrel, 8in x 10in, watercolor and sterling silver on board, ©Rebecca Latham

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MukhLis KiBoy Amazing.. i always like your painting.. so beautifull…
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Lakshmi Jayaraman You are the best in animals painting How do you manage this velvety finish of the skin
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Ann Blake Grassy Sassy!!!!!
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Oozan Ingle that’s so adorably cute
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Boris Wink beautiful

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Tung Thai via
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Life is simple, only dictators call me a terrorist! No need for a few bills to label a peaceful individual who does not follow the instructions of a group of people who were voted 
by ignorant people and they won the elections at all costs and by all means!
There’s something touching about Thomas Mulcair’s attempt to become the Tony Blair of Canada: it comes 20 years late.

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 Tom, Now you are seeing what we can do to The Dark Force. May The force be with you. TT the Jedi
Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe debated in the langue de Molière Thursday night at Maison Radio-Canada in…
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        Làm ơn cho gửi đôi lời nhớ thương…hi
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      • Tam Tuong Tam
         Tam Tuong Tam Anh Th chụp mấy bức ảnh nầy à? Rất đẹp! Cám ơn a nhiều nhé!
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        Em bay đi mất, Nẫu thương ai giờ
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         Nguyễn Thâm Hahaha
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