Call in the Russian army!

Tap Chi Thoi Luan originally shared:
Tom Lui, Kevyn Chau and 4 others like your comment: “My brother’s in laws went to McMaster and they are now jobless!.”

Anam Quraishi  I think that happens to people that go to any university

Tung Thai True, I went to McGill University and I am now jobless! The difference is that I choose to be jobless in a construction field to have a job now one must follow the corruption system.
I choose not to follow the rules of the game impose
by the McMaster graduate students who are now having a political career and they are now in high place of the Canadian government circle.

Mohindar Singh
Never heard about this university.

Tung Thai I would not send my only son to this one of the best universities on this planet

Henry Jayzee lolll

McMaster University

Do you attend McMaster University? Congratulations, you go to one of the best universities on earth.

McMaster has maintained its position among the top 100 universities in the world, according to the latest Times Higher Education rankings released Wednesday. The rankings once again place McMaster 94th, making it one of only four Canadian universities in the top 100. Read the full story:

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  • On the advice of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Governor General appointed her Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, following the resignation of Jean-Louis Roux in 1997. She became Quebec’s first female viceroy, and the first disabled lieutenant governor in Canada; Thibault was permanently disabled in a tobogganing accident as a teenager, and uses a wheelchair. In February 2005 Madame Thibault suffered a stroke. She was one of the longest serving lieutenant governors in Canadian history, serving for over ten years. As a former viceregal representative of Elizabeth II, as Queen in Right of Quebec, she is styled The Honourable for life.

    A legal saga that has spanned six years and involved the Queen’s representative in Quebec took its most dramatic turn yet Wednesday when former lieutenant-governor…
    Tung Thai A pure soul corrupted by our Canadian political system. 


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The meaning of life

two girls in blanket
tell their stories …
the little girl and I

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Suzanne Sagar

Wishing my girl was here… xo xo

We use our hands to vote for Phillippe Couillard to govern our everyday life and now we want him to resign with our feet.

What will be our next move if Phillippe Couillard is stubborn and he will not resign as the present Syrian President ?

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