Thương khác với yêu ra sao nhỉ?

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We came together…
Underneath the stars above…
What started out as liking…
Seen turned into LOVE…
I sensed a certain….
Something in my heart…
That was true, i know…
I waited all my life too…
Fall in love with you…
‪#‎autumnphotography‬ ..

Tình Cho Không Biếu Không (L’amour c’est pour rien) – Elvis Phuong

 On Monday, October 12, 2015 12:51 PM, Vòm Trời Magazine <> wrote:


Tung Thai Amen.

Please on October 19th, 2015 before casting your vote, look at the sky, and please do think about this: Am I voting for myself and my family now or my future generations?

What kinds of jobs do we need? Temporary, part-time jobs or more secure full-time jobs? This election, let’s choose a government we can trust to create quali…
Tung Thai This statement does apply for those who put votes in those boxes before the big day!
Tung Thai shared Vinh Nguyen‘s photo.
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Để hình làm sao “cut and paste” đây? Dễ thôi kêu mấy em bé thư ký xinh xinh trong tòa soạn VGD magazine chép tay mình về gõ cộp cộp để đăng vậy

  • Tung Thai I’m ready! Everything I do is for today only. I have passed through it once, and I have no regret passing through this front door again.


Scott Nguyễn

A new nation emerged! South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011.

Tung Thai Quebec will be a new nation if and only if Harper and the CPC get elected on October 19th 2015.

As George Bush family’s name is infamous for rigging the votes, what happened to the American taxpayers and their lives lost for the cheating on the USA will happen to the Canadians in the near future if Harper and the CPC win on October 19th 2015.

National Newswatch added a poll.

Which party/leader has impressed you most during this election campaign?
(Note: this is not a scientific survey.)

  • Stephen Harper, Conservative Party
  • Elizabeth May, Green Party
  • Thomas Mulcair, New Democratic Party
  • Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party

Do you think the niqab debate and TPP deal could shape the vote here in B.C.?

When you get west of the Rockies, the saying goes about Canadian politics, things are different.
  • Tung Thai Never before in the history of Canada a government tried hard to separate Canadians and future Canadians. They do not need future Canadians to pay for their salaries. So where do they find funds to help them win this October 19th 2015 federal election?
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  • Erik Wood and Joanne Nordmark like your comment: “Never before in the history of Canada a…”
Tung Thai via For Your Life

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For twenty years plus, I do not drive
No matter where you drive, you never know when something could go wrong.
 Tung Thai It cost me my engineering job. So long a beautiful career 😇
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Waitress (Jackie) @ Noah’s Bagels – Pretty Girl (Dep Gai) — in Walnut Creek, California.
“Thương cho người rồi lạnh lùng riêng…”
Cruise Vacation – Bãi biển Dolphin Cove tại quốc gia Jamaica.

Tung Thai Em bé áo vàng kia ơi, thương khác với yêu ra sao nhỉ? Chúc em áo vàng một Thanksgiving vui vẻ bên người thương nhé! Khi nào qua Mộng Lệ anh dẫn đến chỗ này linh lắm, em cầu nguyện sẽ có người yêu 😇

Let’s not forget the veterans!
Why should we not forget the VETERANS?

Government Organization



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