History: Canada 2015 Federal Election!

Congratulations to the PLC and the NDP, 

Harper and the CPC rigging votes machines have been stopped!

Tom Mulcair is the only leader who will help Canadian families get ahead and kickstart the economy. Join Tom in Montreal on Oct. 18th and help get Canada on track.

10 hrs · The Telegraph ·

Exclusive: German hunter pays nearly £40,000 to shoot one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe, while conservationists and safari guides mourn the loss of…
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Tom Premo 4 hrs ·

Likes (y) Reminds me of my SF Cathedral photo

2015-10-15 16:28 GMT-04:00 Vòm Trời Magazine <vomtroimagazine@gmail.com>:

​We share:  


​Kính Chúc:
 Bình-An * Thịnh Vượng * Hạnh-Phúc​



​Love …​

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