previous USA presidential lies!

Alvin Chung shared Fordham University English Department‘sphoto.

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Thank you Fordham

Fordham University English Department's photo.

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The incoming Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from McGill University.

Tung Thai
 Tung Thai What can you do with any others degrees? A chance to be the future prime minister of Canada if your father was a prime minister of Canada 😁
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Tung Thai

Tung Thai To be a prime minister of Canada, one must be perfectly bilingual and he must be a Québécois then we will have a long lasting peace.

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Alvin Chung
Alvin Chung I don’t think voters actually had PET in their mind as they voted for JT. Many of them are too young to know the impact of what PET did anyway. PET is the father of modern Canada so arguably all subsequent PMs are in his shadow one way or the other not just JT.
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Jun Yeo Let’s not forget about Thomas Mulcair, leading the NDP! Also a proud McGill alumni.
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Tung Thai
Tung Thai Let’s not forget about Jack Layton, previous leader of the NDP! Also a proud McGill alumni.
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Montreal Gazette If a coalition were to form, who would you pick as a leader?
I am picking Justin Trudeau as a youngest leader and prime minister of Canada.
Justin Trudeau know how to defend himself and so do I.
A leader as me and Justin Trudeau do not need to know everything. We need a team which know all and we decide the course of action and not the other way around.
Tung Thai shared a memory from October 22, 2014.

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Why should all the future presidents of USA not forget these VETERANS? 
Because they were, are and will be drafted based on your previous USA presidential lies!

Vietnam Vets – U.S. Army – Photo From Tung Thai

Tom Premo's photo.

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