Lễ Nhậm Chức Thủ Tướng & Justin Trudeau đọc lời tuyên thệ

CBC Vancouver
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It looks like this one does know his limitation of power and huge responsibilities coming along as well as me. I am watching his first move and I will know whether or not he is better than me.Read moreShow less

Harjit Sajjan was sworn in today as Canada’s new defence minister. The newly-elected MP for Vancouver South is a Lt.-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and was a VPD Gang Crime Unit detective.

Vancouver South’s newly-elected MP Harjit Sajjan has been sworn into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet as Minister of Defence, but who is Minister…
Tung Thai
Tung Thai A minister of defense who has been in the killing field will not act as a president of the USA who has been dogging the draft to be a soldier, a politician who watched war on government’s propaganda TV and mainstream media. I’m lucky to be in the middle of the heat of the American War in Vietnam.
Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh I hear you. I love to visit Vietnam with you. I love Vietnam and its people and customs.
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Tung Thai
Tung Thai World, the three musketeers Mohindar Singh & Tom Premo & TT will visit Vietnam, we love Vietnam and its culture…especially we like like emoticon Vietnamese girls đẹp gái 😇
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Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh Now you are talking.
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Kính mời cùng đón xem tin tức hôm nay:

04 Tháng 11 năm 2015
( hình ảnh, bài viết, ‘vidéos’  đầy đủ …. )

Lễ Nhậm Chức Thủ Tướng & Justin Trudeau đọc lời tuyên thệ

terrible !

Ngày 20/6 vừa qua, Tổ chức Thế giới Điều tra Cuộc đàn áp Pháp Luân Công (WOIPFG) đã cho công bố kết luận điều tra: “Đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc…

Tap Chi Thoi Luan <tapchithoiluan@gmail.com>

4:13 PM (20 hours ago)

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 Alvin Chung shared Justin Trudeau’s photo.
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One McGillian to another: Former McGill Principal and the Governor General of Canada David Johnston gives his best wishes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Remembrance day for the PLQ.
Let’s not forget these faces for the next Quebec provincial election.

Tap Chi Thoi Luan’s photos

For the survival of the PLC, and from the historical defeat of the CPC.
M. Philippe Couillard, be a man! Please do resign now.

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A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks.
Richard Avedon
Tung Thai My friend Moe, Do not forget to love yourself😇
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Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh Thanks for the advice.

Welcome to Canada and Dr Mohindar Singh, we do need talented experience politician as good as you, together we will make the GREAT CHANGE!

Following English & French.
storypick.com|By Sarjana Singh

Rẻ ngon mà phải bỏ thuốc lá bay hai mươi mấy tiếng…có ai lột vỏ đút anh TT ăn không nè?

Tiên Bêp GaLang's photo.

Yesterday at 11:59am · Cái Bè, Vietnam ·

 Mời cả nhà ăn Sáng nha
 Ora Sarah Hudes like this.

Ora Sarah Hudes
Ora Sarah Hudes don’t beelieve them. are those yams? they look good.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai They are sweet potatoes and during the occupation of the Japanese, since they burned our rice fields, we have to eat these in order to barely survive. 2 millions Vietnamese people were starved to death during one year of the occupation.
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Ora Sarah Hudes
Ora Sarah Hudes best to forget. i know it’s hard
Ora Sarah Hudes
Ora Sarah Hudes erika and i have vietnamese brother’s
Ora Sarah Hudes
Ora Sarah Hudes haven’t heard from them in years though.t hey are all married with families now.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai Since Canada is too cold and no jobs, I guess they are moving to the South. Lots of my Vietnamese friends and engineers who could not find jobs here were moving to the USA.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai I am still here and being jobless for my wife does not want to leave her old parents alone in Montréal.
Ora Sarah Hudes
Ora Sarah Hudes they should stay. it is better here i am happy to say smile emoticon

Câu chuyện tử vi- Giáo sư Thiên Phúc Vũ Tiến Phúc – Lý Số Việt Nam


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