Thiền sư Thích Nhất Hạnh được trao giải Hòa bình trên Trái đất

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Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Buddhist monk hailing from Vietnam, is the recipient of the Pacem
in Terris Peace and Freedom Award for 2015.

Tap Chi Thoi Luan <>

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My late dad used to say: “its national tragedy that we came in the West as immigrants to settle and prosper and we are going to die here, away from our place of birth. We are leaving our soul, and spending our last days and dying in these alien yet adopted lands. Anyone who comes here, never or seldom goes back to India; to Punjab. Our children are our precious possession and we are leaving them forever in these nations. They could have been tremendous use to their motherland. When you leave the country for living and for raising children in alien lands, you never come back, your children never return!”
Folks who don’t look back to revisit their birthplace, they have lost or impaired their soul for comforts and I imagine their souls can’ be so dead! I have met hundreds of people who in 1947, migrated from and left today’s Pakistan, for India, they always expressed their desire to visit the streets of their Birth Places. Many of them died with their desire unfulfilled or should we say, they died without redeeming their souls.

My family is all over. We are over 250 people living in the USA alone. I have my cousins living in England and Canada. I have relatives living in Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nairobi, and Southey Arabia, Kuwait, Thailand, Philippine, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Germany, Norway and so many other places. We are all prosper and doing and living well. We have professionals, doctors, and attorneys, Engineers, Technical Writers, bankers, Agriculturists, and Innovators in our family. Our family has an international exposure. I have traveled and lived for some times all over India, from North to South and from East to West.

Living abroad, having good time, I still find a vacuum in my soul, something oddly missing, some-strange call for visiting my Birth Place. I have been there many a times. I expressed my feelings about my birthplace in the following poem:

Nostalgic Visit to MY Village

I am caught in a gentle doom, a nostalgic trap of a slow death,
I am shaking the demons of the past, lurking for the stolen kisses,
I am looking at the new faces, and those faces don’t recognize me,
I am talking of the old friends, and those friends have left the town,
And the old alliances, acquaints, and seniors have kicked the bucket,
With my visionary eyes, I reconstruct your lovely dimpled ruddy face,
I am visiting torched souls, flickering dreams and demons of the past,
I am chasing a flying fiend that traverses from past times to present,
How could I recover lost moments from the gurney of indecision!
In my town, with perpetual wash of the tears with rain, I walk tall.
It is my nostalgic walk, that enables me to live abroad with peace,
It is my twisted grace that enables me to kiss my town soil and dirt.
– Dr. Mohindar Singh
And I am one of the example, the loving child of my dad, who gave me the best possible education, wisdom and experience. I still carry around the pain of my dearest departed dad. I miss my dad. (MS)

Amrit Fisher
Amrit Fisher My father always wanted to take us to Canada and never got there i think of my father Mr Harvant Singh Siddhu everyday Instead he sent me to England to get a better life and i miss my Father every day
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Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh I can learn a lot from you. You have experienced and lived both cultures. East and West met at the confluence of your growing life, step by step, you have tasted the nectar of well seasoned life. You are a source of love, understanding and you are also an ideal parent. Stay blessed. You are a family. Love always.
DrRanju Singh
DrRanju Singh Your pain and love for your motherland and your father is understandable. What a nostalgic expression in your poetry !
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Robert Singh Emery
Robert Singh Emery Beautifully presented
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Amrit Fisher
Amrit Fisher Yes Mohinder i can understand your pain and we we are the children our Mothers and fathers who always wanted the best for us Education and the principles of Life . How we should Respect others
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Arvind Malhi
Arvind Malhi What a great and true expression you have expressed . Our culture and traditional values are fading steadily now. Let’s make the very best of each moment we have. God bless you and stay ever blessed …………………
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Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh Thanks Arvind for your very heartfelt feelings. Stay blessed.
Amolak Singh Sandhu
Amolak Singh Sandhu I am doing mbbs in india…every now and then my friends and relatives advice me to do my PG from usa and settle there….because of better working conditions and human values…but feelings exactly the same, as you have very beautifuly expressed here…put me in a great dilemma…..
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Mohindar Singh
Mohindar Singh Immigration is a big step, you never go back!
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Harish Bhela
Harish Bhela Vohat khoob
Tung Thai
Tung Thai .
My mom loves me more than her own life.
Thank you dad for choosing us our beloved mom out of your many gorgeous lovers. Amen.
Tung Thai's photo.
Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Buddhist monk hailing from Vietnam, is the recipient of the Pacem
in Terris Peace and Freedom Award for 2015.

VGD magazine: Upon receiving the Terris Peace and Freedom Award for 2015. Master Zen TNH what was your first thought?
TNH: Zen!!!
VGD magazine: Master!!!???

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Cây lá phận người Seattle – Đất Mới phát hành

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Tom Premo
Tom Premo – Autumn Leaves – Photo From Huong Pham – Source: –

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Huong Pham

“… Hàng cây thắp nến lên hai hàng, lùa nắng đi vào trong mắt em…”
(The Lagoon in Boston).

Tung Thai
Tung Thai & Tom Premo like 😈😇Đẹp Gái!


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