A number theory look at the New Year

Anybody helps me on this? Larry Magder… ?
Có ai giúp mẫn cái này được không? 🙂 Tung Ngo & Tung Thai

Co-Chin Nguyen-Latham

A number theory look at the New Year:
— 2014=2x19x53 (a deficient number)
— 2015=5x13x31 (a deficient number)
— 2016=25x32x7 (an abundant number) Note: the sum of the proper divisors is 4536.
— 2017 (a prime number)
Numerologists would probably say there are some historical predictions to be made of this.

Also note:
1. 2016 = 211 – 25

2. In base 2, 2016 is 111111000002

3. 2016 is the 63rd triangular number (2016=63×64/2)

From: Dr. and Mrs. Paul J Fairbanks
Professor of Mathematics (Retired)
Bridgewater State University

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Tung Thai
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