Support Canadian pipelines

“Just imagine if we were trying to build a railroad 100 years ago and mayors were saying no. What kind of country would we have?”

If you support Canadian pipelines sign your name at

Alberta’s big city mayors want science — not politics — to drive the debate over the proposed Energy East oil pipeline.|By John Cotter
When our mayor of Montreal says No! We do mean NON! Period! Do you believe in God or Scientists? A PHD is just a piece of paper showing nothing to make believe everything a scientist did, do and will do according to the book! How can you be sure it was not dictated by some selfish entrepreneurs, dated and signed blindly by a scientist without thorough researching on what would happen ten years from now!?
Tung Thai
Tung Thai 100 years later we, not one scientist found out the hard way that the transportation of the black gold by train is not safe! We paid their shallow research with our lives!
Tung Thai
Tung Thai No monetary policy can be replaced our sorrow of lost loved ones!…/lac-megantic-reconstruction-office…
Lac Megantic! Nous nous souvenons!
The town of Lac-Mégantic, Que., marked a new chapter on Saturday with the inauguration of its Reconstruction Office and a funding announcement from the federal government.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai I rest my case.
Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton And where does the IPCC get its marching orders from?? The UN of coarse. check out…/worlds-most…/
Considered by some to be one of the world’s most eminent climate scientists, who has supported the theory of global warming for decades, has now shifted his opinion and become a skeptic of it. Yes climate change is happening and it’s to be noted. But climate change is often linked with global warmin…




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