McGill astrophysicist Kaspi wins highest science honour

She is not just the first woman but also one of the youngest researchers to ever win the prestigious prize.

You could say Kaspi has boldly gone where no woman has gone before.

Tung Thai Well I guess she would never have earned it under the reign of Harper and the now defunct Conservative Party of Canada!

Masha Rif This is a rather interesting statement. People apply for these awards months in advance. Has nothing to do with previous or the current government.

Tung Thai People apply for these awards months in advance.
How long was the federal election campaign?…/5771272-canada-s-longest…/

FYI read the news before you write something here.

Harper visits Rideau Hall, triggering 11-week election campaign|By The Record

Tung Thai…/harpers-attack-on…/

Science—and the culture of evidence and inquiry it supports—has a long relationship with democracy. Widely available facts have long served as a check on political power. Attacks on science, and on the ability of scientists to communicate freely, are ultimately attacks on democratic governance. It’s…

Masha Rif I do read the news. Which is why I find your comment rather puzzling. Why bring politics into science. She wasn’t muzzled, and won awards under the previous government as well. Just be happy for her, that’s all. No need to turn everything into bashing the previous government.

Tung Thai Well …
Santayana’s famous aphorism “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” is inscribed on a plaque at the Auschwitz.

Tung Thai Do not accuse me for bashing the previous government. You do sound like a dictator judging people without knowing whom did I vote for?

Tung Thai You do read the news … one sided news, government owned news, and wasted yours and my short time around here.

Tung Thai So long Masha.

Masha Rif Please Tung Thai, why is it that only you get to pass judgement by calling me a dictator but I can’t voice my opinions? Seems unilateral. This discussion is rather boring. Have a nice day.

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