Go Apple!


Kenny Chaffin
Future Technology 13h

Go Apple!

Apple is already thinking about ways to make it harder to hack iPhones, reports say. According to the New York Times, the company wants to prevent..

Tung Thai What does FBI stand for ?
WTF is the “F” in FBI?

P Grimm’s profile photo
Cloud is not encrypted???!!!! Why not everything should be encrypted.. It has been 30 years.
David “MISFITSWITCH” Wagner’s profile photo
I call BS. They will leave a back door in.
Peter Clark’s profile photo
Encryption?only hammers in after the hard drive protocols.Most new input devices have the prism exchange.
Avinash Raghavendra’s profile photo
There is no point to this if they don’t co-operate with Govt to solve crimes. I call them accomplice to all crimes committed if their devices are used by suspects
Brady Chord’s profile photo
Yes they will. There is no way that a company like apple will risk crossing the gub’ment
Rich Martin’s profile photo
+Avinash Raghavendra, do you also call axe manufacturers complicit every time an axe is used to commit a crime? Should they be forced to blunt all the axes they sell to prevent the criminal few?
A phone is a tool that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. The security of the phone — the ability to trust that our communications and data are not being intercepted or monitored by hackers, governments, or any other agent that has acquired the ability — is as essential to its utility as an axe’s sharpness.
Avinash Raghavendra’s profile photo
+Rich Martin​ the Axe or its manufacturer is not/will not ever try to encrypt or hide critical evidence information from law enforcement from solving crimes 🙂 if they hypothetically did, then yes!
Micheal Ohama’s profile photo
great idea
William Draper’s profile photo
William Draper+1
Do not think the Government can be trusted with new technology. Just look at the Atomic bomb devastation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, from a humanity standpoint, was that right??World War II would have ended anyway without the horrible use of nuclear weapons. Give the government free reign of encrypted data and information, it WILL BE MISUSED AGAINST YOU!!They will be able to tell you who you slept with last night, with audio and video, plus all of your medical, financial, tax information,and anything else private, Will and estate planning all in the name of “a matter of National Security”. This is Totalatarinism, not the land of the home of the free and the brave , IN GOD WE TRUST!
Rich Martin’s profile photo
Reading the comments on the tech crunch article it is shocking how many people have completely misunderstood this issue and what is at stake.
Common misconceptions seem to be:
1. It’s possible to create a backdoor that only the US government will ever be able to use.
2. That if the US government wins this then suddenly all other encryption technology will disappear from the planet and terrorists will suddenly be unable to encrypt anything.
This level of ignorance about something so important on a site supposedly appealing to the technically sophisticated is pretty stunning.

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  1. 1- When Apple is out of the game then Microsoft in Education Canada will be the sole monopolized follow the leaders … stuffs!
    2- The more power we give to the government, the beginning of their ending days of governing our daily life are near!
    3- In the history of mankind, could any government with the absolute power of governing survive the REVOLUTION!?


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