What are we fighting for!?

to Ngon, VomTroi, Bach, Bạch, Tung, Chi, Chu, Van, Nga, Ngoc, Ngoc, Nam, Nhandia, le, lap, Helene, Dang, Quang, MIN, David, David, giongca, Hoi, Tung, Rung

Tung Thai Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama. Are you all afraid to serve under a woman and supreme commander who will also be the 45th president of the USA? So be it and let it be done! Serve your Casino owner who made billions of dollars on the US people who …See More

As one of the first-class Atlantic City NJ Hotels and Casinos on the world-famous Boardwalk, Trump Plaza delivers unsurpassed luxury, entertainment, and excitement. This hotel and casino is ideal for thrills, relaxation, or a combination of both.

Vietnam WAR!
So many talented boys wasted their life for some lies!

What are we fighting for!?
We are fighting for the impermanence.


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Tung Thai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rembrandt_C._Robinson

Rembrandt Cecil Robinson (October 2, 1924 – May 8, 1972) was a United States Navy officer who served as Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla 11 and Commander of the Seventh Fleet Cruisers and Destroyers (COMCRUDESGRUSEVENTHFLEET) stationed in the Tonkin Gulf during the Vietnam War. Robinson died in…
Tung Thai https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_J._Tallman

Richard J. Tallman (March 28, 1925 – July 9, 1972) was a United States Army brigadier general who was killed by North Vietnamese artillery fire in 1972 during the Battle of An Lộc.[1] He was the last U.S. Army general and last general officer to die in the Vietnam War. He also served in World War II…

Tung Thai So?
Let’s do this all over again!
Politicians keep on lying, and soldiers keep on dying for their lies and deceits!
So be it and let it be done!
As the good old time.

Tung Thai Human beings are really funny! 😈

Sarah Anderson What do the Jews have to do with this?

Tung Thai http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/programs/mdcm-img

Best medicine department at McGill on graduation days. Go there and see for yourself!

This admissions pathway is open to international (non-North American) medical graduates (IMGs) who are residents of Québec and grants advanced standing to the McGill Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery program and allows the candidate to obtain the M.D.,C.M. degree in two years. The number of p…
Tung Thai Better though let`s check the list of doctors here …

Pour tout savoir sur l’Hôpital général juif (Montréal, Québec) – For everything you need to know on the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Quebec)
jgh.ca|By Hôpital général juif – Jewish General Hospital
Tung Thai Any more questions before doing research of your own in French/English on McGill University?

Deepak Shatan Vinny Stalos Are you suggesting that, because it was established by the English, therefore it cannot be bilingual; or are you suggesting that it isn’t bilingual? Certainly, the policies at McGill and Concordia are much more liberal than at UdM and UQAM, where writing an exam in the other language is at the discretion of the professor; several of mine at UdeM were adamant that they would not allow it because the university is a French institution; no such limitation exists at Concordia and McGill or any English-language CEGEP.

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Tap Chi Thoi Luan <tapchithoiluan@gmail.com>

7:12 AM (3 hours ago)

to Ngon, VomTroi, Bach, Bạch, Tung, Chi, Chu, Van, Nga, Ngoc, Ngoc, Nam, Nhandia, le, lap, Helene, Dang, Quang, MIN, David, David, giongca, Hoi, Tung, Rung
Tung Thai And now Donald Trump will try every which way he can to win this coming election.

Tung Thai In closing: May the best cheater wins the 45th US presidential election!

The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will elect a new president and vice president through the Electoral College. The term limit establis…
Tung Thai https://www.facebook.com/tungthai57/notifications/…

I have tried and failed in making her the 44th…

Clean energy comes with a price.
Well what price do our politicians in the West are willing to pay?
The price of developing clean energy is you should all resign now! Instead of hanging on to your seats and work for the oil industry using our taxpayers money as leverage!

Tung Thai
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Your soul lives forever, and your path will lead far beyond the boundaries of our known existence. Someday, you will leave your body behind, and your immortal soul will cross into the next life. You will continue your journey there, as a changed being!

Your body is nothing but a vessel for an immortal soul! We’ll show you where your journey will take you next. Click here!


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