McGill University Architecture

Three McGill architects in Shanghai – the legendary Moshe Safdie (who designed Habitat 67 in Montreal and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore), as well as Cynthia Nei and Queenie Chau.

Alvin Chung's photo.

Boon Keng Tan Would love to meet the legend.

Yannick Boucher WHAT?! Moshe Safdie was in Shanghai and nobody told me?! Shame on you Alvin! Shame on you!! 🙂

Yannick Boucher Is he still in town? (and looks like YOU are in town, in fact?) Habitat 67 is one of my top 3 favorite buildings, ever.

Tung Thai With 2 years in engineering as prerequisite before starting the architecture program at McGill … When I have a drawing designed by a McGill graduate in architecture, I am sure and certain the mechanical and the electrical rooms complete with the shafts for our electrical and mechanical conduits do have plenty of space to pass through.

Tung Thai My only regret is now they are moving to China and South East Asia, since they find their talents are not useful for the corrupted building construction in Canada and especially in Quebec.

Yannick Boucher “moving to China” “because construction is corrupt in Quebec and Canada…” …. wait, that doesn’t add up, just saying. 🙂

Yannick Boucher There are other reasons, but if “corruption” is your thread, you got another thing coming. 🙂

Tung Thai Prove it with empty words!? Show me the proof in photos please. Are you an engineer or an architech with hands-on experience? Are you an OIQ or PEI registered engineer? What are your ID nos for both of those provinces?

Yannick Boucher Whoa, whoa, what’s with the super aggressive reply? Do you seriously want to debate that there’s no corruption in construction in China?! Erm…. *walks away slowly*…

Tung Thai Corruption in China is before the reign of do you know who is in charge of China now? He is doing a pretty good job of reducing corruption in China now.

Tung Thai Still you write without thorough research nor proof of your empty words.

Yannick Boucher I’m not gonna get into the second part of that statement, because that’s highly debatable (and I live here, it seems you don’t). Secondly, we can talk until we’re blue in the face about since when is there corruption in China, your initial premise of “leaving Canada for China because there’s too much corruption in Canada” makes no sense, sorry. And you can google the research and “elusive proof” yourself very easily.

Now i’m gonna leave it at that, as I have really no need for a bitter and aggressive “debate” with a stranger here. And I don’t wanna spam Alvin’s wall.

 Tung Thai Where is here?

Yannick Boucher Tung Thai China. Have been living here for years. Cheers.

Tung Thai

I have been living and working as an engineer in Montreal, Granby, Laval, Quebec, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Markham, Dated, sealed and signed Mechanical and Electrical construction projects for PEI and especially Quebec. I deal directly with construction contractors and Hydro Quebec as well as Ontario One, Bell Telecom, Gaz Metro, and Endbridge!
Tung Thai

Tung Thai Which part of China? China is not a small piece of land.

 Tung ThaiWhat are you doing there in China? My friend is marrying with the daughter of a retire general in China. They are living here in Montreal right now. Do you want to meet us? we are here in Montreal?
Tung Thai…/mcgill-university…/

Cheers! 🙂

Alvin Chung with Cynthia Nei. 4 hrs · Three McGill architects in Shanghai – the legendary…

Cynthia Nei Um, I moved to Shanghai from Montreal because my company paid for my relocation expenses. It had nothing to do with corruption, but rather because I’m more fluent in Mandarin than French. There’s not enough work available in Montreal for anglophones & allophones. Plus, the salary in QC is 25% less than the salary in the US/China. Also, I searched for a job in Mtl for at least 6 months w/help from Service Canada, but they recommended I move to places like Yellowknife…

Tung Thai All true, in Montreal some of the jobs are not easy to get, like pharmaceutical, process automation, even big companies like Dupont, SNC Lavalin Pharma had to downsize. My friend Le Nguyen Vinh had to move to the USA, and he was sent to Shanghai for two years as …
Le Nguyên Vinh
Technology manager
Chemical engineering department
Jacobs engineering

Cynthia Nei Also, it doesn’t help that the CAD $ fell a lot in the past 2 years in relation to the USD & RMB. I also tried everything, took classes with Centre St-Louis to improve my French, but in the end, I needed to repay my student loans quickly after graduation and right now China is the place to be. BTW, Safdie has a Shanghai office too, so he was able to do this presentation, whilst take care of work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tung Thai Most of my Vietnamese friends who graduated from McGill did not pass the French exam to be admitted as a Quebec engineer, they had to move to Toronto, Ontario and the USA.

Tung Thai Some of my Chinese friends who graduated from McGill did not pass the French exam either, so they moved to the USA, and Ontario.

Cynthia Nei Well, I’m not Chinese, so this doesn’t apply. I’m a dual citizen of the USA/Canada. Actually my Chinese sucks, but the company sent me to Shanghai anyways…

Tung Thai My son Alex a CPA now, and he is working for a company in Montreal that does not require him to speak French at work.

Cynthia Nei Companies just judge a book by its cover..

Tung Thai Well my friend Le Nguyen Vinh was paid by his Jacobs engineering boss in full to learn read and write Chinese before going to Shanghai, since all of his teammates are Chinese.

He is also a dual US/Canada citizen.

Tung Thai I asked him how was the corruption in China, and he answered less than before but still ten times more than in Canada and the USA.
Tung Thai In Montreal to obtain a super hospital project, SNC Lavalin president and CEO had to pay $56 million to McGill project manager and a friend of Philippe Couillard, (Philippe is now our present prime minister of Quebec). One of them is in jail now; the other was dead before being repatriated and to be judged in Montreal while he was jailed in Panama prison. We did lots of government and private projects worldwide during my twelve years working at SNC Lavalin; I have never sealed, dated nor signed any documents or drawings. How did I survive those twelve years? Well I hid my OIQ nos and worked as a draftsman. Until my boss found out about this…his face was blue! But still he asked me to date, and sign as witness for the passport of his teammate when most of our engineers in our process and automation department were all gone to Quebec City to complete the GSK projects in Laval and Québec city, while I was at PET airport trying to complete the automation projects related to its conveyors and the airport security systems. One of my regret was even if I was on site working together with super team of specialists worldwide; we could not finish the DSM projects, since our client had no more money to pay us. Now most of my teammates at SNC LAVALIN PHARMA are not living and working in neither Montreal nor Quebec, some of them are moving to Europe and USA.

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