Life is short: Cheers!

McGill University wants you to know it’s not just for anglophones.

McGill University is inviting students to discover “Le French side de McGill” with a new campaign aimed at debunking myths about the university and trying to show the university’s…

Tung Thai True. At McGill, I wrote my exams in French and easily got the “A”s and “A”+s… wink emoticon

Vinny Stalos Very good but McGill is an English institution.

Tung Thai

Tung Thai
People said so and your mind is conditioned by the newspapers, TVs and your teachers that you believe McGill is an English institution and it is owned and operated by the Jews! Have you met my mechanical professor Lee, my professor Baliga as well as professor and my brother in law? Who are they? Well they are not Englishmen!

They are not one of the cool, stiff Englishmen!

In fact professor Nguyen is a Vietnamese who has got his PhD at

Professor Nguyen is currently holder of the Endowed Brace Professor Chair in Civil Engineering at McGill University. He is presently Chair of Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Director of the Brace Centre for Water Resources Management, and Associate Director of the Global Envir…

Sarah Anderson What do the Jews have to do with this?

Tung Thai

Best medicine department at McGill on graduation days. Go there and see for yourself!

This admissions pathway is open to international (non-North American) medical graduates (IMGs) who are residents of Québec and grants advanced standing to the McGill Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery program and allows the candidate to obtain the M.D.,C.M. degree in two years. The number of p…
Tung Thai Better though let`s check the list of doctors here …

Pour tout savoir sur l’Hôpital général juif (Montréal, Québec) – For everything you need to know on the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, Quebec)|By Hôpital général juif – Jewish General Hospital

Tung Thai Any more questions before doing research of your own in French/English on McGill University?

Deepak Shatan Vinny Stalos Are you suggesting that, because it was established by the English, therefore it cannot be bilingual; or are you suggesting that it isn’t bilingual? Certainly, the policies at McGill and Concordia are much more liberal than at UdM and UQAM, where writing an exam in the other language is at the discretion of the professor; several of mine at UdeM were adamant that they would not allow it because the university is a French institution; no such limitation exists at Concordia and McGill or any English-language CEGEP.

Didi Miesen Tung Thai: Looks like you’ve been totally brainwashed by the Hate Anglos Quebecois – pure race lunatics who have totally devastated and destroyed our Province – and who have criminally turned discrimination into freaking LOI here in Quebec and especially in Montreal. Know that your cut and paste ignorant posts show just how freaking ignorant and mis-educated you actually are — and rest assured your divisive – racist posts will be remembered by anyone who may consider giving you a job in the future. Your total lack of Quebec/Canada history and lack of knowledge in world history is being made “crystal clear”, here on FB and most will be delighted to share “your views”, all over social media for ALL to see. 🙂

Tung Thai Whoever calls others brainswashed are totally brainwashed himself, let him check his brain by our specialist doctor and our present day prime minister of Quebec. Look I do not smile and I am worrying for your well being .

Deepak Shatan Didi Miesen You’re funny; it’s amazing how well you’ve swallowed and repeated Quebec nationalists’ hate-filled propaganda. You ignore how they’ve hurt the Quebec economy since the early 1970s; but, then, I don’t expect you to be a critical thinker; you’ve not been raised that way.

Deepak Shatan Didi Miesen By the way, I hope they do do that; they will certainly be contributing to Tung’s retirement fund.

Tung Thai Well my family and my parents are living in Toronto since the fall of Saigon from May 1975 till now. I have been working all kind of odd jobs from Niagara Falls to Ottawa. Does it make me a Quebec contributor for my Quebec Pension Fund? Yes. And why is it possible?

Tung Thai Please donate…

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism will serve as a public reminder of the millions of…

Tung Thai It was, is and will be possible thanks to the refugees and immigrants from the dictators states who came, come and will come to Canada to pay all kinds of government of Canada’s imaginable TPS, TVQ … that keeps Canada alive and ticking … tic toc … tic toc

Tung Thai Question : What if Canada becomes a dictator state?

Tung Thai The answer will be known 27 years from now.

Tung Thai Life is short, so live as if we die tomorrow and enjoy each of our moment to the fullest.

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