Canada’s Energy Citizens As Canadians, we are the owners of natural resources that make it possible for us to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Yet today, our economic future is at risk.It’s time to build that pipeline. Please help us – sign our pipeline pledge!We are getting closer to our goal of 35,000 Canadians supporting building new pipelines in Canada. ..Sponsored · Canada’s Energy Citizens

Bev Heathcote Considering the benefits of a pipeline so Alberta can ship our oil to market, I am surprised there are not more people willing to be members

Liam Lewis yeah …it’s a real head scratcher all right. Do Canadians have a self lothing complex or something? I thought we were smarter than that. A pipeline should be a no brainer for all Canadians, especially now with the dollar as it is.

Bill Smith To the person who said to much destruction train just derailed full of crude 4in a year check pipeline safety before you rant

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