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Huong Pham

March 2 at 8:52pm · Mùa Đông in Boston và “Chiếc lá cuối cùng”

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Tung Thai
Chiếc lá cuối cùng là em à?
Tìm hoài sao không thấy?
Chỉ thấy một giai nhân!
Áo ai sang quá nhìn không ra…
Tặng em nè…
Qua đây lấy!

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Tom Premo ‘s Boston Album Updated – Huong Pham – https://www.facebook.com/tompremo/media_set…

Tom Premo – Likes (y) Huong Pham in Boston ❤
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Huong Pham Omg, bro Tung Thai. Love You so much.

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Tung Thai https://vi.wikipedia.org/…/Chi%E1%BA%BFc_l%C3%A1_cu%E1…

Bí mật của chiếc lá cuối cùng…

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Le Premier ministre canadien, reçu ce jeudi à la Maison Blanche, soulève un enthousiasme proche de celui provoqué il y a quelques années par Barack Obama himself. Outre son charisme, c’est sa politique, à l’opposé de celle de nos…
m.nouvelobs.com|By Céline Lussato
11Tung Thai
Tung Thai Tous les citoyens canadiens sont égaux devant la loi, qu’ils soient nés au Canada, aient été naturalisés au Canada ou possèdent une double citoyenneté”, a déclaré son ministre de l’Immigration John McCallum. “On ne peut faire son choix entre les bons et les mauvais Canadiens.”

Tung Thai Et puis les réfugiés et les immigrants sont-ils égaux comme nous les Québécois devant les tribunaux du fédéral? N’oublions pas que seuls les Québécois et les Québécoises, nous n’avons pas signé l’accord du Lac Meech avec Brian Mulroney.

Bryan Leblanc Le Québéc a signé l’accord du Lac Meech. Tous les provinces ont signé.

Tung Thai http://www.histori.ca/peace/page.do?pageID=261

 Bryan Leblanc “Tous les premiers ministres provinciaux se montrent favorables, et signent en 1987, ce qui devient l’Accord du lac Meech.”
Tung Thai Tous les citoyens canadiens sont égaux devant la loi?
Sauf Québec forme une société distincte à l’intérieur du Canada.
La premièr3e porte sur la mention, à l’intérieur de la Constitution, que le Québec forme une société distincte à l’intérieur du Canada.
 Tung Thai les Québécois et les Québécoises, nous n’avons pas signé l’accord du Lac Meech avec Brian Mulroney.

Qui sommes nous?

 Tung Thai Les membres du PQ et du Bloc!
https://cartedemembre.pq.org/See More

Bryan Leblanc “Nous” c’est les Québécois et les Québécoises comme individu, peut-être ?Le gouvernement a certainement signé.

L’accord du Lac Meech a fait échec il y a 30 ans !

Bryan Leblanc Les membres du PQ et du Bloc ? Non. Le gouvernement élu du Québéc. Pourquoi détestez-vous la démocratie ?

 Tung Thai Nous verrons dans 3 ans qui sera Le gouvernement élu du Québéc.
Bryan Leblanc Cela est certain. Bonne soirée !
 Tung Thai

40 mins ·

 Montreal is my son’s birthplace.
Now he is bilingual although he is seldom speaking French at work.
Alvin Chung and McGill University shared a link.

Catherine McKenna on Instagram: “Proud of Canada & US climate leadership. It’s about a more…

58 mins ·


·Likes (y) the loving  and romantic side 🙂

Every one of us has especially distinctive facets. Click here and find out, which three sides are most dominant in your personality!
en.nametests.com|By Tung
Tung Thai Xa quá…bàn tay năm ngón … kiêu sa … chụp gần chú xem bịnh tình cho.

Venus Athena Thien Giờ cháu bận lắm vì làm những điều cháu thích nên không có thời gian chụp ảnh cho chú bình đâu

 Tung Thai Cháu thích thôi à?
Còn người ấy thì sao?
Tung Thai Hết tiền rồi à?
$us 100 đủ để chụp ảnh chưa?

Boat People

Updated 20 hours ago
Human beings are funny!


Tom Premo – Boat People: Myanmar To Malaysia Refugees – TT Photo Source: – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153263346780807&set=a.10153263346730807.1073742001.620145806&type=3&theater

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Tung Thai

20 hrs ·

epa03560485 Ethnic Rohingya refugees from Myanmar gather on a boat as they are being rescued by Thai Navy officers before they head to Malaysia, at the Andaman …coast, Phuket island, southern Thailand, 29 January 2013. Some 205 of persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority people arrived on a boat in southern Thailand sea coast, on a stopover ahead of their Malaysia destination, where they could seek employment. The Rohingyas, who are not recognized as citizens by Myanmar, were the target of sectarian violence in Rakhine that left more than 100 dead and up to 60,000 displaced. EPA/YONGYOT PRUKSARAK

Tung Thai http://listverse.com/…/10-unforgettable-stories…/

“Notable Quotations from George Santayana
‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’
Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense, Scribner’s, 1905, page 284”

This list is inspired by an excellent book I recently bought called “Lost to Time”. I strongly recommend you buy it if you want to read much more detail about the stories, people, and places in this list.
 Tung Thai George Santayana
Born: Dec 16, 1863 · Madrid, Spain
Died: Sep 26, 1952 · Rome, Wine and Travel Italy – Voyage Vin Italie
Education: Harvard University · Harvard College · Boston Latin School · King’s College
Nominations: Nobel Prize in Literature (1949, 1948)
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Tung ThaiMoïse! Where were you when we need you to cross the plagued pirate’s sea?

 Tung Thai Moïse : Well, I was busy saving our God’s favorite children!

Sen hồng Cao Lãnh quê tôi
Đậm màu chân chất của người miền nam

Photo: Mơ Ngọc Sĩ February 19 · .. Sen hồng Cao Lãnh quê tôi Đậm màu chân chất của người miền nam
Nam Nguyen Nha Trang cát trắng quê tôi,
Tinh khôi thâm thúy của người miền Trung!
Người đạo thơ

Tung Thai Ba tiêu Mỹ Tho quê tôi,
Tình thư phong kín của người miền quê!

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