Love <3

Love ❤
Question is: Does the human race know what is love as what is doing the elephant now?
Well the human race does know love as each of the tiny part on the body of an elephant!
L’amour ❤
Question est : Est-ce que la race humaine sait-elle ce qu’est l’amour comme ce qui est en train de faire l’éléphant maintenant?
Eh bien la race humaine connaît l’amour comme chacune de l’infime partie sur le corps d’un éléphant!
1 Year Ago

See Your Memories

Nazakat Hussain
Beautiful Pictures – 6:15 PM

Okay I try to lift you

Tung Thai's photo.

You, Hoa Thai and Trần Huỳnh Thông


Tung Thai…/quotes-about…

WORDS Quotes Sayings & PHRASES ABOUT ELEPHANTS The elephant is a friend to man More than the dog, it’s constant. And now indeed our turn has come to be



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