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Sunsets on Mars are Blue.

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Economical Building Solutions for Every Industry & Application. Check out this 72′ x 130′ Atlas Building Series for Packaged Palletized Salt Storage! Learn more!

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Britespan Building Systems's photo.
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Tung Thai

Well Ontario is Scarifying first as cobayes for mass production of Opiums for generations to come. Let’s export to China instead of changing the law to accommodate our kids at home!

Britespan Building Systems
Britespan Building Systems This site has nothing to do with Opium. It is a salt mining facility used for roads, water, pools, etc. I respectfully ask you to refrain from posting comments with no factual backup or evidence.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai Just kidding … 🙂
Tung Thai
Tung Thai You can delete my comments, if you are serious and truly believe about everything I write as the truth.
Britespan Building Systems
Britespan Building Systems We of course know what you said is not the truth, but the negative comment is tied to our customer and our company, which we would like to avoid for obvious reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.
Tung Thai
Tung Thai You can delete my comments.

Kurt Wick Sifto evaporator plant in goderich ontario?


Peter Leighton
Peter Leighton Linda Rodie– check this out
Linda Rodie
Linda Rodie Interesting. Let’s order 25 to start.


Denis, Je te donne jusqu’à la fin de 2017, sinon je t’envoie au république dominicaine et ma blonde t’occupera pendant tes vacances payés par les contribuables. Un projet a une date de début et de la fin. Mon projet pour tes vacances payées est sans fin.

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Tung Thai…/fr/definition/vacance/

Vacance : définition, synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Vacance désigne l’état d’une…
Tung Thai
Tung Thai Pssssss..Top secret! Denis, tu dois accorder un congé de taxes demandé par des commerçants à moins que tu aimes vraiment mon projet pour tes vacances définitives et kiss goodbye ta passion en politique.

1.2 km tunnel in two days. Only machines can do that, unless magic power was involved 😉

#RWSA12VEG moved 70 meter tunnel under highway in one weekend!! 🙂


An exhibition has opened in my honor. The museum displays my most beautiful and most valuable moments. This way people can get to know me better and can get a taste of what my life is like.

Only the most valuable pictures are found in a museum. This is what your exhibition looks like. Click here!|By Tung
Tung Thai
16 mins ·


A person’s aura determines whether we like them or not. We will tell you how others perceive your aura. Click here!|By Tung
Tung Thai

1 min ·


Every country has a different translation for your name. Together, they portray the many different facets of your personality and show how special you really are. You should be proud of your name because it reflects your multi-faceted personality and unique beauty!

Different countries, different customs, different names. Find out what your name means there! Click here!|By Tung
Tung Thai

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Your name has different meanings around the globe. Let’s go on your name journey around the world now! Click here!|By Tung
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Which earthly forces are you made up of? We’ll tell you! Click here!|By Tung

Avant que je parte vers l’au delà, le monde changera pour le pire. Ne vous inquiétez pas, je retournerai encore pour régler votre problème 😉

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So long… friends in Montreal

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Tung Thai No, I am not leaving Montreal, my friends are …

Yup! My psychologist said the same thing 😀

Find out now whether you’re a well-behaved nerd or a crazy freak. Click here!|By Tung

Every person has a good and a bad side. That is the principle of yin and yang. Yet you are filled with so much goodness because you have a pure soul and a great heart. You are a role model for the world!


How much good is inside of you? Take the test now! Click here!|By Tung

You are a multi-faceted person and are filled with positive qualities. It was not easy, but we were able to find one tiny weakness, too. Were we right?

Critical thinking…the awakening of the intellect to the study of itself.

You are full of hidden talents! But what are you good at and what isn’t really your thing? Find out now! Click here!

You’re a sensitive and attentive person and you care for your loved ones. Your senses advance to spheres that are hidden to others, which is why you have a very accurate intuition for your friends’ needs. You feel things before they happen and you have perfect judgment. Your 6th sense never lies!

You intuition is remarkable! We’ll show you your extraordinary talent! Click here!|By Tung


People better be careful around you! We will show you how dangerous you really are! Click here!|By Tung


That was supposed to stay a secret! We’ll uncover the facts! Click here!|By Tung


Lying on the beach or building a snowman? Find out now which time of year it is in your heart. Click here!|By Tung
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Your genes reveal incredible skills! Let us decode your DNA for you! Click here!|By Tung
Tung Thai

12 mins ·


Girls Beware!

Your eyes are a very dominant feature of your personality. We will tell you what they reveal. Click here!|By Tung

I know who is she 🙂

Who will send you a love letter soon and what will it say? Find out now!|By Tung
Tung Thai

10 mins ·


Double Check

Find out the initials of the person that you have taken into your heart! Click here!|By Tung

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