Trump’s political strategy: “Gone with the win!”

Trump’s political strategy: “Gone with the win!”

'Paying my cat tax with this crazy header photo'
'They said it couldn’t be done. Who is they? You know, they. Donald Trump won’t really run for president. Donald Trump won’t really make it to Iowa. Donald Trump won’t really win any states. Donald Trump won’t really blah blah yadda yadda WRONG because oh yes he did and oh yes he will.

Millennial Dudes knows the most important quality in a president isn’t whether the president, like, knows stuff. Knowing stuff is for nerds who don’t even drink beer, bro! Nah, what you want is a guy who isn’t afraid to whip out his dick, swing it around in your face, threaten to bomb the shit out of whoever, waterboard them, kill their families, and make them pay for it.'
'Let's face it, a plain or unsexy wife causes tension in a marriage, which inevitably affects what happens in the office. In fact, a recent study found that small-breasted wives are the number one cause of poor job performance for men in positions of power. President Obama is probably one of the best examples of this.

I don't know about you, but for the sake of our country and all we hold dear, I want to know that my next president is relaxed and in control.'
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump'
'WNOT-TV News pressed the Republican frontrunner on his plans for fighting America's growing weight problem.

"Mr. Trump you often ridicule women for being overweight," asked correspondent Bruce Nolan, "But obesity is a serious medical condition that affects millions of Americans. What would your plan be to fight this epidemic?"

"I would build a nationwide network of weight loss clinics and I would force Rosie O'Donnell to pay for it." Trump responded emphatically.'
Allen Reinertsen added 30 new photos to the album: Donald J Trump — with Donald J. Trump in Washington, District of Columbia.

Tracking this crazy Donald J Trump stuff

A Fair Look at Donald J. Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Fox News Friday that all of his policies were just “suggestions” that were subject to change once he actually became president.

“This words matter stuff is ridiculous.” – Donald Trump’s spokesmen, Barry Bennett


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