Tricks and Treachery


Để ghi công người vợ hiền đã sống thanh bạch suốt 20 năm dài khi người chồng phải bôn ba vì nghĩa vụ…

Để cảm ơn các con lo cho Ba, khi Ba còn trong tù …
… đặc biệt là giúp kỹ thuật để hoàn thành quyển sách này.

The Truth is the US presidents first and foremost task while swearing in with one hand on the Bible is to make money selling stockpile of arms worldwide.
La vérité est la première tâche des présidents des États-Unis tout en jurant avec une main sur la Bible est de faire de l’argent vendant des stocks d’armes dans le monde entier.

Sự thật là nhiệm vụ đầu tiên của tổng thống Hoa Kỳ trong khi chửi thề với một tay trên kinh thánh là để kiếm tiền bán cổ phiếu cho các loại vũ khí trên toàn thế giới.

And now Trump and his administration want to go back to the Viet Nam to eat shit!

Et maintenant Trump et son administration veulent retouner au Vietnam pour manger la merde!!!

Và bây giờ Trump và chính quyền của ông muốn quay lại Việt Nam để ăn c!

Tung Thanh Tung
Get this from a library! La mort du Viet Nam : les faits, les causes externes et internes, les conséquences sur le Vietnam, la France et le monde. [Vanuxem]


 Jose MIl y a 1 an

As haunting as it was when released over 30 years ago.

The times are changing. In the future there will be no need for fighting or dying because of mankinds lack of understanding and love. When the truth about life reaches people, everyone will change because everyone gains from it, its self-explanatory. When things are as bad they currently are in the world, a change is needed. Its not very complicated theoretically, but people are just too lost in their minds, too lost in their dreams and desires that they cant see the bigger picture of things, they cant see that the world is slowly going under, especially most of the people that havent experienced war or enough challenges. Mankind is actually doing a lot worse than what most people think, because the mind tends to hide unpleasant and brutal facts. It has been a relatively “calm” period since WW2, but its definitly not been free from bestiality, bestiality is the true nature of mankind. And if people dont wake up to the truth SOON, i think things will be a lot worse for a lot more people in much bigger parts of the world pretty soon. We might even wipe ourselves out completely, ever heard about nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons is in the hands of mankind, the most dangerous animal that has ever existed on earth. I hope this scared you, not because i want to scare you, but because i want people to wake the frruck up ASAP! Google Truthcontest and read The Present. Nothing could be more important than to learn the truth.

Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms Lyrics: These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you’ll ret…

I cannot even ONCE just listen to this song without tears streaming down my face.

I will never, ever, ever, ever.. get tired of this song… One of the most beautiful, simple, and deeply passionate pieces of music and, story ever done… Only Mark could do this kind of magic on the soul… I can close my eyes and, feel every note, every nuance, and every silent tear around the world in this thing… A timeless, incredible work of art…

Mark Knopfler from his promo tour for ‘Kill to get crimson’, live in Berlin 2007. Enjoy!

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