It does not matter!

זה לא משנה!

תומכי, A / שפים ומשרתים שמשרתים מסנוור את המנהיגים שלו/שלו עבור כמה דולרים נוספים!
It does not matter!

Supporters, A / chefs and servants who serve dazzling his / his leaders for a few extra dollars

“I’m trying to protect the tradition rather than, you know, water it down with a politically correct version that is historically inaccurate”
Conservative Senator David Wells

“It’s not as if the words were brought down from Mount Sinai on stone tablets like the Ten Commandments, they are words created by humans and subject to change as our social and cultural conditions change, and thank goodness they do”
Ramona Lumpkin, the chancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax

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Canadians will not be singing a gender-neutral national anthem on Canada Day after a bill before Parliament to officially change the lyrics has stalled.

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