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Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park

Résultat d’images pour Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park

Résultat d’images pour Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park

Chemong lake
Rice Lake Canada

I came to Toronto for a fishing trip at Rice lake on June 21st, their bass fishing season opening day.
Weather was excellent and our group of four sailed on a 16 ft. boat. We caught a few sizeable large mouth bass,
3 to 4 pounders and a couple of 1 to 2 pounders after a day’s catch which was not bad at all. Indeed just cruising
around the lake shore was a good and relaxing experience as the water was calm and the surrounding was scenic.
 Remember to get your sport fishing license from places like the Canadian Tire or most of the Fishing Equipement
shops at Can $22.44 per day.
 Or you can opt for an annual license if you plan to fish for more than a few days. Rice Lake is a good spot for fishing
because it is quite near the City of Toronto, about an hours drive on the freeway. Should you plan to take your catch
 home for consumption (four maximum per person per day), remember to bring along your ice box or cooler.
 There is ice for sale at the mariner to keep your fish fresh. For lunch break, there is a restaurant close by
the mariner call the Rhino’s Roadhouse which serves reasonably good burgers, sandwiches and fries

Photographer’s Dream to

Shoot in Zero Gravity Just Got Real

Photography and dreams have always walked this world side by side.

From a crazy idea for a photo shoot that just came to life,

to a wedding photo that holds the most magical moment of a lifetime,

or simply the fact that you get to live your calling of becoming

a professional photographer. But what we’re about to tell you today

goes beyond any of your wildest imagination – and straight into the stratosphere!

A few months ago, Wix launched its worldwide “Capture Your Dream Photo” contest.

We asked all Wix photographers to share the one moment

they’ve always fantasized of capturing, their once-in-a-lifetime dream photo.

Thousands of people submitted thousands of crazy ideas, but one was so incredible,

we just had to make it happen…


Plan: Free

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